More pictures of my little nephew :)

October 3, 2009 § 2 Comments

He is always sleeping… Enjoy the pics 🙂


My new born Nephew!!!

September 25, 2009 § 1 Comment


Today around 4pm my little Nephew was born (bro’s son) had some issues with the child birth but thank god! after the surgery the little guy was out! 😛
I was at work and mom sister called me said the little one is born! coudlnt wait till I see him I was like “Oh! take some pics will ya!”
Have to wait till saturday or sunday to see him 😦 his mom is still at the hospital hope she gets better, I wont be able to see him till they come home *sob sob*

These are his first pics, xD I just cant wait till I hold him hehe, normally im scared to hold little children. But I wanna hold this guy for sure. hehe
Sister said he was looking at every ones faces when they were talking, they say right after he was born he started crying. Then his mom had to breastfeed him inside the operation theater hehe. When he came out again he start crying 😛 very hungry kid.

We had picked a name for a boy “Khalid” means immortal or eternal. 🙂
This guy gonna get all of our attention since he is the 1st grandchild in our family and Nephew :P.

See you soon little Khalid,
loving Uncle (dang he make me feel older >< fuck it he better call me big bro or else!)

Anti Dengue gang!,

July 27, 2009 § 4 Comments

Yup that’s us!
This was on July 25th 2009, Oh well I have no idea who organized it lolz (don’t care either) I was informed by a friend of mine from our Rotaract club “Centennial United”. He said it is at 7.00am, I got there around 11.00am 😛 I think. I’m never on time that’s for sure. When i got there the meeting was over every one was heading to the places they are advised to go.

So we got to a School looked around it did some cleaning up…
At school 001 25072009220

25072009216 25072009218

After we done at school we went to the houses close by the school. Check whether they are maintaining their places well, or is there any chances for dengue. Sadly not many were doing well….


(No Idea why she is posing like that)

After all the hard work we saw some good instant results 🙂 …
Kids cleaning.

That’s our day against Dengue. Had some real fun out there :P.  Very happy to see the results.

Some funny memories :

Leaving Aloka's grabage behind...

Lolz Leaving Aloka’s garbage behind…
Some little kids
Little kids 🙂
Local Rapper

Thinks he is a princess… Oh well good for him lolz
Me! Finally meself 😛

That was our day against dengue, we hope every one will act as they advices, and us too. And we pray this virus will end. Be safe and keep our environment clean :)…

PS:(We had some funny moments there, my bro’s stupid cam was fucked up so couldn’t take much pictures )

My virtual life…

July 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’ve been playing these for a long long time now. Tried almost all of the ‘free’ mmorpg out there (whats MMORPG? ask google) .
The first mmo I ever played was CO (Conquer Online)  lolz its a very very lame graphic game.  Yet dont judge a book by its cove I loved it found many friendly people and more ass holes thats fosho!.
Noobs are all over the game, you can stop them lolz. Its fun hunting them around.
I have played other games like 9Drgons, Rohan, Cabal, Kung Fu World,Sword of the New World are few I really enjoyed.

When it comes to mmo I really get stuck at the beginning, its at naming the char, damn its hard. I have spent like hours thinking of a new name lolz.
I try google, anime, movies, elven names xD hehe.
Then Class selection mostly I go for my fav class or some cool looking. After playing I realize its the lamest or the weakest in game LOL!

Like other games I get pissed off at noobs at leave the game hehe, or try downloading some thing new. Right now im back to World of Kung Fu. Yeah there are many other better games. Yet I like to play some thing peaceful lolz.
Anyways you wont get the same fun out of a normal game, where you just fight/play against a program :P.


PS: A few SS of my char and my friends 🙂